Tiny cups

This lady is also scary and it is something that I don’t want to think about.

Chinese dramas really like evil fog effects and vomiting blood.

I’m glad that she has found her dad whatever happens in the future.

I think that something bad might happen to him.

Yes, something bad is going to happen to him.

That would get tangled in things all of the time.

It would be tangled all of the time.

That would be very annoying.

Annoying it is.

Here comes the vomiting of blood again.

Got to.

It’s very dramatic.

She needs to leave us faster.

And now she is gone.


This phoenix sounds an awful lot like a seagull.

Seagulls are very scary.

I wonder what plan is being put into motion.

Tiny cups.

Tiny cups.

We have some tiny cups too.

They seem to be tying a lot of bows.


They are.

Not that type of bow.

It sort of looks like a wedding dress.

The purple is a nice choice though.

Its because the state ministers wear purple.

Blue and purple.

I suppose purple is a pretty gender neutral colour.

There’s a sacred wet comb?


All those candles must be very expensive.

That’s a pretty cool scepter though I would really like to just randomly carry one around.

It would certainly be better than a really ugly walking stick.

Just a glorious scepter.

It would be awesome.

We keep having ideas and plans that are not what needs to be done.

This blood work is getting better and better each drama it looks like blood and not strawberry sauce.

It was always too clear and too pink in the past.

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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