Is it dislocated again?

I just wanted to know if she’s okay.

She is okay. She’s always okay.

Is that why she’s doing this?

Yeah, yeah, yey#ah, yeah~ey~ah. Yeah.

Yeah a ‘great guy’ who puts people’s lives in danger.


She’s really cold right now.

‘Cos all of the blood’s gone to her stomach that’s why.

It’s just excerpts of our life.

Cold, cold, cold.

There is a time and a place for everything but it isn’t this.

I’m filled with the feeling of being tired and I know she is too.

What do you want to watch?


This is a worrying development.

Are you tired?

She is! Everyone can tell.

Everyone can tell this.

Trying to get out of the moment with the movement of the flag.

Cry, cry, cry.

We are all cry babies now.

Where do all of those tears even come from?

Who is she? The one from then.

The one from over the rainbow.

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It’s from the onion

02-august-2016-56We don’t have a bullet hole and we don’t have a killer!

That little girl with the wet hair in the corner?

No! That’s not something that she should be thought of…thinking of.

I forgot my shoes. I forgot my shoes in the pond here.

I really needed something that you were here.

She’s got indigestion.

It’s from the onion.

No, it’s from the way she shovelled that stuff into herself.

This is a place where we need to get a more positive memory, feeling, place thing.

Calm, calm, calm, calm, calm, calm.

Calm ourselves down. Calm. Calm down.

I don’t remember. I don’t remember. I don’t remember at all. I met something on here. Something that was scary, scary or something.

We are among the scattered, scattered among the sticks and stones that are here.

So many weird songs.

Weird songs. Wierd song.

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But it’s helpful


This one is much better. Do you feel that? It’s the rush of sugar from all the food you’ve been eating.

I am going to tell on you!

Who to?

Someone she’s very scared of.

Remember the appointment that you have.

Don’t do this. Don’t go back there!

It’s not a good place to be.

Not good at all.

But it’s helpful.

Not helpful. Not helpful. Not helpful.

Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help.

You can say that a little louder.

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You write a lot in darkness

This is why she doesn’t talk to people. This feeling right here.

The feeling of being ill.

The feeling of anxiety about the communication with other human beings,

She is very anxious at the moment and I can tell that she is worried about the things that we have been dealing with lately.

You write a lot in colours.

You write a lot in darkness.

You write a lot in light.

I’m trying to sound eloquent here, but it’s not working.

It never does you know.

A quick scribble for a scribble.

Wow this pen is super nasty to write with.

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In the end things are swell

It’s from her anxiety. Everything is fueled by her anxiety. That’s how things are in this world of our creation.

You have butter on your face.

I’ve got something to say.

Well, say it then!

But I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say.

Go to the bathroom.

She’s so very tired right now but then she didn’t sleep very well last night. She kept waking up every half hour or so.

She has a lot of headaches going on.

Where are we even going? Right now we are going somewhere that I can’t imagine where the end is leading us to.

So many people are saying these things that are needed in the end.

In the end, things are swell.

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She’s not well

Wow, it’s really weird.

We are wandering along the roads that we have found here in the roots of the trees.

I think that you have to do something about all of this.

I’ve never ever watched them at all.

You should have been writing these sorts of thoughts in here where they would actually be useful.

That’s because no-one is working on things at this time of year.

I don’t think this will help all that much but I think that you’ll do what you want to no matter what.

But why does it hurt so much?

She’s not well.

It’s all the stress and panic that she has about her finger and being alone.

We were very, very worried about all of those things.

We ate too much.

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It’s a tradition

That chocolate spread is calling to us all.

We can eat a lot of it later because of all of the walking that we did earlier.

I fell all of the way to the bottom of the stairs and there had been all the way.

Wow, she really is trying to overload herself right now.

There are so many things that we should talk about it all.

It wrote a will that’s why everything has taken so long.

Is there swans in this video?

Yes, why else would we have taken it?

It is something that I enjoy watching her make.

It’s taking a long time for it to load.

Well, it is a big file that’s why it’s taking a long time.

He has to be wearing a barrister wig.

Why do they wear them?

It’s a tradition.

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By day he was by night.

Well, there isn’t as many problems left here among us all.

You should go to the toilet. Think about that.

Why does she do these sort of things to herself?

They’re so goofy.

She does have those sorts of stomach problems but they’ll get better,

Better with time, I’m sure of it.

They love us too much. That’s part of the problem.

Oh dear, what can the matter be? Oh dear, you look like Micheal Flatterly…

So what are the orders for today?

Well, that’s quite a lot for us to make our way through.

It’s a little painful now though, isn’t it?

Yes well, it’s because she’s not used to this happening. It’s been a really long time since we went through this

It feels forever ago and yet not that long ago as well.

What do you think we will be able to meet upon the night of the rising of the 6th moon of Altair?

Don’t you mean the 5th moon?

Oops! Yeah!

She’s got a lot of neck cramp going on in there at the moment.

I am going to go lay down and do all of these things.

I feel like I have no energy right now.

By day he was by night.

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I miss the cuteness

So that wasn’t a great idea.

We won awards too.

But that was way too long ago.

I have a hat, a hatty hat hat hat.

Well, wear it when you go on the podcast.

That’s a thing she’s not doing anymore.

Emotionally hanging around with one another.

I think we’ve been away from somewhere for a long time.

We should calm down and think about something,

I don’t  believe we are so far.

Please write something that makes sense.

Well, at least we know that he’s been good at it and very dedicated.

Yes but it’s a little creepy.

You’d think we’d be better at it.

What with all of the practice.

He needs a hug.

I wouldn’t meet someone that is that creepy.

Certainly not that creepy.

Creepy, creepy!

Certainly not that creepy.

Creepy to the bone one would say.

How many bales of hay do you think would fit on that?

Less than you would think.

What is this guy’s agenda?

I know that he wants to be king but it’s not working.

She needs a hug.

Is that a ball of wool? I saw that there, ball of wool on many occasions.

Well, it has been here a while.

In the bottom of everything that we have around here.

We need to work more. We need to think of more ideas.

Well, she seems to have become uninterested in the end.

Without Hansung… all has become pointless.

And depressing…

I miss the cuteness.

We all do the romance isn’t doing anything for me either,

What romance should we do instead?

Something that is more interesting.

Something more riveting,

There are memories in there somewhere.

Memories that are better forgotten in the grand scheme of things.

The grand scheme of what?

What exactly makes up this grand scheme? That’s what I would like to know.

Who is still using it?

Well, he did tell us to prepare ourselves, don’t you think that that is?

What is this?

Um… We’ve been busy.

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Cauldron boil


What is the plan for today anyway?

Something to do with work;

Then I am much less excited than I was before.

She is getting the urge to write again though. I think that’s a good thing.

Why do we have so many different poems hanging around!

Well isn’t it because she wrote so many of them?

What should we call it?


That seems appropriate.

Not, not today.

We’re cooking with gas now, aren’t we?

I liked the dancing session that we had earlier.

Well, what did you want me to say to them?

I cannot get to the bottom of the box so I would like you to help me to do it.

I found the bottom easier than I thought that I would be able to.

Well, aren’t we happy today?

This is, after all, something that is helpful.

These days are our flowering days.

Would it have been accidental?

No, it’s too bad to be an accident.

You wore a lot of chapstick today. I liked it. It was something new.

It sounds like something that is a step forward, wanting to look after yourself.

We are all proud of you for that.

Now your hands are cold right now. Are we going to exercise soon?

Yes before the end of the day.

Really hot and tired.

We need to finish the adaptation very soon.

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble.

Cauldron boil…


What song do you want to listen to?


They’re things that make her less anxious.

Well, we found it all, in the end, didn’t we? That’s what matters.

She is a little cold right now.

Yes, the heating is fading away. Slowly the heat is disappearing.  It’s something that will get something very well done. In the bottom of the well that we found moments here.

I think she’s cold right now. Right now too cold.

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