Pork does

I am filled with all the chicken that we had to eat earlier.

That would have been nice.


To eat some nice chicken

Chicken is one of the worst meats that are out there. Pork is one of the best ones.


It also has the most risk of having that paralyzing bacteria in it.


Pork does

You mean botulism? It’s what they put in botox.

Are you sure about that?

She looks like a very different person here than she did before.

Why do you think that this side of her comes out? Is it to do with stress.

I think that it might do.

Isn’t is a personality disorder when you behave in such different ways from your normal self.

Imagine waking up somewhere like this though.

It certainly has to be very uncomfortable and often scary.

Wow, so she wasn’t in the home of someone very wealthy but in fact in the museum…an art museum.

Pretentiousness doesn’t help anyone.

Have you ever been thrown out of an art gallery before?

No, we haven’t ever really been to one.

At least she has someone that can come and get her when things like this happen.

I would have really liked to do something like this.

I liked that show when you got to see all the behind places.

Shall we take a little break?

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I was a tortoise


It was really sad that something like this happened.

I was a turtle.

I was a tortoise.

So she has become someone else again.

Her hair looks really soft and nice though.

She looks really nice in a maroon colour.

This is a really good one.

Let’s sign all the things that need to be signed in order to do the things that needed to be done.

I wrote a lot of things that needed to be done but not a lot of that is helping us right at this moment.

I wanted to ensure you that there are people that can help with this sort of thing.

I wonder why this sort of separation is happening between all of us.

I was saddened by this.

I was made to be happier though.

There are rumours about this person. There are a lot of rumours about a lot of people but we all manage to get our way through all of this.

Where are the things to like about the girl that you like?

She is someone that you really like right.

This actor is very very cute.

It’s because I am not wearing that type of bra.

Oh really

Are you even wearing one?

I feel for her having to carry all of these heavy things and jealous that her back is capable of clicking so nicely like that.

She wants to be able to do that too. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were something that happened in real life?

It is something really cool.

What that her spine isn’t working well at the moment?

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I am running around the town in that bra that you bought me

My my how salacious

No, not really. How is a bra any different from a bikini top? It’s fine to wear a bikini top in public but not a bra? Why? Isn’t that hypocritical?

All that water is starting to come down to your kidneys so be prepared for the amount of weeing that you are going to be doing soon.


Hahaha yeah

Wow, you really are going to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom.


Well, its all that water isn’t it;

The operation went well we managed to separate the twins.

I have the feeling that this drama is going to be a good one. Like the one that we watched before.

The one that we guessed the twist of.

No the other amazing one.

Yes, we need to talk about it to other people.

Maybe when we have time we should go back to writing about all of the things that we like

You mean do reviews of dramas that we want to

At least they managed to catch that guy the inflated cushion is really something else.

This cushion is something that they would have liked. It would have been cool to help people in that way.

Let us all save the things that are important to us.

But also make sure to share them too. That is equally important.

Putting something away in a box never to be seen by anyone else is a very sad thing to do.

That was the day that the bad thing happened.



To Happen

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I will

Jump over that really small river stream thing.

You really don’t know what to do

This is how you become that sort of a legend.

I never want to know what a crawdaddy is

Me neither

I’m not sure that they are spelled in that way.

That was certainly needlessly sexual.

I am sure that is was.

I am sure that it was not.

It certainly was sunny though.

Do you know what the reason for all the cuts is

Well either her lack of experience or just how god damn dry her skin is right now. One or both of the two.

Make her do some exercise later too.

I will

She has been sitting down all day so this would be important.

Don’t do something like this.

We are on the way to the thing that you have planned.

I planned something but something happened in the run-up to the plan taking place and so as a result

Her hands are so dry they are very dry yes they are certainly very very dry right now.

That is part of why they are so painful.

This is very painful.

Well, we certainly are worried that this is certainly going to become a problem.

I would like a cuddle from someone that feels like this.

Are you sure that this is a problem?

Yes, she doesn’t like being cuddled so of course, it would be a problem.

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I bought some pipes

That sounds like it will be very untasty.


Is this a flavour that is needed in the world?

I don’t think so.

There is a lot of packaging for all of these things.

Just eat all of this fruit.

I think that it will help you a lot to make it through all of this.

What even is this?

I know they are really think that thinking isn’t great.

Do we have enough cranberry sauce do you think?

I have to go buy a turkey at some point.

How much money do you think you would be able to use.

We need to work on saving some money.

Yes, there will be a lot of expenses next year.

I would like to.

I would like to do this.

My mouth would like some mango

Mango is tasty

Mango cubes are here

I bought some pipes

Those are things that we buy when we are drunk

Is this a type of melon?

Yes. It’s part of a honeydew melon.

I’m sure that they would never let you bring back something that they let you have for so cheap.

I’m sure that there is something wrong with them.

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Rehydrated potato

Isn’t there something that you have to do later.

Yes everyone needs to be reminded to remind her to go in the shower later.

Also, remind her to brush her teeth really well lately.

Shall we ensure that there was a car that we can use?

I am the worst male basketball player.

It is nice that he is using his power to help other people that are helped by the power. Like all those soldiers.

My… this is why we are not shaving as often as we should.

I mean look at how many cuts she has all over her body.

All of this happened when she wanted to avoid self-harming as much as possible.

It’s frustrating

Just look at all that mango that can be eaten later.

I would like to eat there at the restaurant from which I was fired

That sounds like something that could cause problems.

Always covered in spaghetti water doesn’t sound all that bad.

We know too much about the things that are made.

I think there is a thing.

A thing is a thing.


Come here and eat our very bad food that we are trying to make for you.

Wow, that was unexpected.

How much food do you think that we would need to get to France from here?

I want to munch.

I think she feels sick but she is battling through all of this.

Is there a link to the evil foods that are being made by corporations.

Rehydrated potato

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Hey your boobs…

Three years later is something that I would have thought would have caused a lot of problems.

It certainly would have.

Such a difference in time spent here.

Such a difference was had in the time that we had spent together.

I think that this is a problem.

It certainly is a problem.

I wonder what she is doing.

I wonder about all of that too.

It would have been very uncomfortable for everyone to have to

So  you are doing the water thing in this way

Yes, she says that the water tastes better when you drink it from a bowl with fruit in it rather than putting it into a cup/bottle.

A lot of interviews and photoshoots happen.

Is that something that is necessary in regards to this.

Is there a polaroid in there?

Yes, I think so.

Hey, your boobs are in this right now.

Nope those aren’t mine

Are you sure

I think that I would know what my own breasts looked like.

How ripped was that guy?

That painting was of him.

That was true. It certainly looks true.

They get all excited about these sort of things.

Don’t do anything bad about these things.

I was bent into a new shape by everything that we had done.

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Her little, little sister’s

  1. I like the way that they tried to make her look drunk by putting a load of blusher on her face. It really looks cute. Who’s face turns that colour though when they are drunk.
  2. We just need to keep going.
  3. Just keep going that is what should we do.
  4. This guy is very slimy.
  5. Yes, he is.
  6. He is intensely slimy. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as him.
  7. Yes me neither.
  8. We all have to go over there to ensure that ensure that safety is something that happens.
  9. Why can’t she spell safety properly?
  10. Well, we have just spent some time with her dad trying to fix the front door because it’s broken and won’t close properly.
  11. Don’t feel like you have to stuff yourself with all of this water by the way.
  12. She isn’t
  13. The door needed to be fixed in order so that we won’t be burgled because the door isn’t working properly.
  14. Also, you really need to throw out this cardigan. It is very itchy and broken.
  15. Also very old. It used to be your big little sister’s.
  16. As opposed to what.
  17. Her little, little sisters.
  18. This is a very confusing method of determining the order of siblings that you are using.
  19. Is this something that can happen to the people that are in your life.
  20. How much typing do you think that we would be able of doing things like this?
  21. That is a very pretty bracelet.
  22. I think so too.
  23. Isn’t it something that you want to do.
  24. This?
  25. I think that it is.
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Finding a shark

  1. For everyone’s future.
  2. This is uncomfortable for her.
  3. Of course, it is. Why else would her brain be using us to talk about it? If she could talk about these feelings to other people, do you really believe that we would exist?
  4. I don’t think so.
  5. Ir is everything that has been happening all rolled up into everything that is to come over the next couple of months.
  6. Do you really think so?
  7. I think that this drama that we are starting right now is going to be very stressful.
  8. Yes and scary because it has that guy in it that was in Gap-dong and that was something very scary.
  9. This whole situation is scary really. Also, he must be very very wet. This is a very nasty way to die too.
  10. The sea is scary. I think that we should watch this later.
  11. This is also a problematic thing to watch but we shall watch it any way we have to get some serious hours in.
  12. What sort of superhero would you write about?
  13. This is a very sad situation. Imagine if this is how you find out something like this. It would be very sad right.
  14. It would be very sad. I mean I know that I would be sad,.
  15. Eww. I don’t want to be seeing this happening. Let’s skip forwards a bit.
  16. No, we need to know how things happened and seeing this is eye-meltingly awful.
  17. I hate seeing these sort of scenes.
  18. It is very daft.
  19. We have been talking about sadness too much when she isn’t sad.
  20. If a man did this sort of things for me I would like it. So I wish that she wouldn’t say that all women hate them.
  21. We were trying to help.
  22. Because of all the bad things that have happened.
  23. Finding a shark at the bottom of the lake was very scary.
  24. I would have been scared too. Wouldn’t you. A shark isn’t meant to be in a lake.
  25. There is someone who found a shark in a lake though. How scary is that?
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Did you find the hidden text

  1. We wander under the canopy of stars.
  2. Drawn towards the sea.
  3. Drowning in the waves lapping against the shore.
  4. Are these things that need to be said? Of course, they are people don’t live in a world that is as easy as you think it is. Words need to be shared between each other in order for everyone to understand the true meaning.
  5. We are sitting here again and typing. Reaching for something that we want.
  6. What do you want to happen?
  7. Where do we want to go?
  8. I am unfolding the paper that we had written on all that time ago. Unfolding it was hard. We need to find the box too.
  9. That is going to be something very important and moving once we go back to the real world.
  10. If we were this empty in the end was the fight worth having. If you and the end had come to this was everything coming to an end so sad in your eyes?
  11. I was once this sad but things are not as sad anymore. I think that this is actually called happiness even if we are very stressed about everything.
  12. Wrap yourself tighter within the coat that we were wearing wrapping it around you is important so that we knew it was so cold.
  13. There was something that the flowers were trying to tell us.
  14. Trying to tell us that the moment is something that needs to be captured.
  15. I want something that is covered in glitter.
  16. It was always covered in glitter. It always was.
  17. And yet we never really noticed the fact that it was/
  18. It is very dark now.
  19. That is because It is winter.
  20. The winter coming is something that has to happen.
  21. Happening to us is something that is duck egg blue. We are all this shade of blue and filled with some sort of hope for the future.
  22. Did you find the hidden text that I kept under the table? It was sellotaped there in an envelope. So you might not have seen it.
  23. I might not have seen the things that you were looking for.
  24. I would like to end everything that has been happening as it is making her feel unwell but she seems to be determined to march onwards with it.
  25. Because it is important for the future.
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