They all now lie upon dishes

Don’t you feel happy to have jeans to wear now?

I think that it will be something that is really weird.

She hasn’t worn jeans for a really long time and she rarely wears trousers at all anymore.

That is something that is going to have to change.

Do you have the change that is necessary for the bus?

Well kicking that is probably going to have an impact on his progression in his field.

I have many things that you would be capable of doing.

What do you think would be the best of that? I think that we are on the edge of the page.

How many times are you going to press the plum that is lying upon the table that was lying or standing by the door?

Fresh fish are found in the sea.

In the sea among the waves, there are fishes.

They now all lie upon dishes.

Is that so?

Wow, that is something that is very rude to do something to someone.

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Don’t touch me like that

That looks like an aquarium. She likes going to places like that.

Don’t touch me like that.

Don’t touch anyone without their permission it’s, not something that people should do.

You need to be careful and nice to people.

They should write down what they want to say to one another. That would be easier than screaming at the top of their lungs, wouldn’t it?

So what are we doing now?

We are waiting out the night and typing furiously until the sun rises or we reach the magical number of 365 or she falls asleep or her hands hurt too much.

Think of this as conditioning for going back to school.

You’ll have to type a lot there.

Yes, typing a lot is something that is going to happen. Do you think that you will do well because of that?

We should go and ask them to be sent back to that thing? A referral? Do you think that he would be able to do that for us?

I’m not sure but I think that it might help.

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But how long is 40ft in meters?

She’s supposed to go to sleep but I think that she is entirely too anxious to do that right now.

We certainly have to spend this nervous energy somewhere. I’m happy as long as she isn’t losing her mind constantly.

I really dislike the romance line they have taken with this drama.

Me too, it’s just really uncomfortable at the moment.

Hopefully, things will change later.

Hopefully, they will but I highly doubt it.

This guy has amazing eyebrows.

Amazing eyebrows are something that has been severely lacking in our lives until this moment.

Why aren’t there more guys with awesome eyebrows in the world?

Who knows?

Who would know why that is?

A tentacle was found upon the beach that was over 40ft long.

But how long is 40ft long in meters?

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Her lips hurt

What kind of dreams do you have?

Her lips hurt.

That’s because they are incredibly dry.

This watermelon lip gloss is really nice.

The watermelon lip gloss is really nice.

It is nice. It smells nice and I am glad that she bought it.

I really like the guy that reminds me of Patrick the starfish.

Starfish are really pretty and all.

These situations are really awkward but everyone has to go through it.

Well, there are pink mushrooms in the forest that are very pretty.

Yes, they are but it’s a cartoon so they have a license to be weird.

A pretty pink forest in the woods of the forest among the trees.

I want a hat. A big hat.

Hats are over rated.

Ghost turtle sounds like a really interesting movie

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Urgh, maths.

Well her job is the defend people. It doesn’t matter who they are.

The other woman was using here.

Hey, we will always be here to explain dramas to you. Are you thankful of that?

That fizzy drink looks nice.

Just remind her to drink more.

Also to brush her teeth for longer than normal too.

We might need to go out and buy indigestion medicine too at some point this week.

That chicken really is doing us over at the moment. Why did she eat so much of it?

Isn’t that a picture of Sir Issac Newton on the calendar.

Urgh, maths.

When the drama you’re watching has a go at you for not knowing trigonometry. That’s how she should feel right now right.

That lipstick that you chose was a really good idea.

Urgh, these guys are idiots.

Lembo. Lembo. Lembo. (Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.)

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A Contrary Mary

Writing things down on the calendar, is a very bad man.

He’s trying to insert himself into her life.

That guy is someone that always plays villains in dramas so it sort of ruins the mood when we are supposed to guess what is happening.

I want to share this with the sister, but she won’t watch that much is certain.

She never has listened to or watched something that we have suggested to her.

That’s what she is…

A contrary Mary.

The robes that they wear are kind of amazing.

I really hate the velvet though it looks so uncomfortable.

Velvet is something she can’t stand to touch either.

Her hair colour is really pretty it looks like the youngest one.

The youngest one has the best hair.

She always has.

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That’s a really cute baby child.

That’s a weird way of talking about a baby.

She has a nice yellow shirt.

A nice yellow shirt is something that she will never wear but something that maybe we can encourage her to wear in the future.

If she loses the weight that she wanted to lose this whole entire year but hasn’t been able to.

We all have to help her.

We all have to help.

How much more writing does she really want to get done over night?

Is she planning to write all 365 pieces in one night? That can’t be it, right?

How do we do all of this?

Let’s do some maths.

In the morning. We will do trigonometry.

Waah! That sounds complicated.

She’s writing and listening and writing and watching and listening and writing again.

That’s what she does.

Do something too.

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But we already have

Eating pancakes for that long. Especially eating something like that restrictedly would make pretty much everyone lose their mind.

But we already have.

If you already have then there is nothing left to fear.

I would scream but open the bottle myself.

What if it had spiders inside of it?

Why would there be spiders inside of it?

Spiders are the sort of people that get in everywhere.

Spiders aren’t people.

Are you sure of that? They act a lot like people do.

They’re really important in making sure that there aren’t insects everywhere.

That would be awful.

It would be really really awful.

Watching something this old is sort of uncomfortable.

Because it’s old?


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Wow, those are some big tomatoes.

Wow, those are some big tomatoes.

Why are they in the fruit display though?

Because tomatoes are technically a fruit even if you don’t want to acknowledge that.

I never will, because they are a vegetable.

Yes….whatever you want.

Don’t listen to botanists then, just summarily decide what you want the fabric of reality to be.

It’s still wrong to put them in a fruit salad though.

So is putting milk and lemonade but there are some people that still do it regardless of that.

They have red shopping trolleys there that’s all kinds of interesting to me.

You see over here they are all silver and then they put the colours on the handles.

I think that we are approaching the point where we were last time when we watched this.

Yes, we are but I’m not sure where that exactly is. She was asleep and that might have developed the story in her brain after watching.

This twin threatening the woman is something that she remembers thought. That’s something that she’s sure of.

It’s not a nice thing to do but this guy isn’t a nice person so it sort of makes sense that it’s something that he would do.

Imagine if you had to eat pancakes for thirty years.

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A pretty place by the sea


Starting again with a blank slate.

Make sure in the morning that you check the emails that you have as I am sure that you have a meeting that you are supposed to go to.

You need to find that letter too.

But right now we are in the process of making a buffer.

A buffer is something that is needed in order to make sure that everything goes well.

We need time and space in order to make sure that there is things that can be done.

Things that can be done are important.

If you named a fish what would you name it?

I fell down the stairs in the winter when the unicorns came to graze upon the seaweed laid down there by the shore.

By the shore is a pretty place.

A pretty place by the sea,

It’s filled with glittering jewels.

Sparkling, glittering, precious jewels that everyone wants to gather.

Also, we need to do a lot of cleaning in order to feel safe here.

Yes I agree,

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